Acquires JFS-B Standard certificationJFS-B

We acquired JFS-B Standard certification in March 2022. We will maintain this system and strive to further bolster our quality control system in order to ensure the delivery of safe, secure and delicious products.

*About the JFS Standard:
A food safety standard laid down by the Japan Food Safety Management Association (JFSM). It is a food safety management standard and certification scheme incorporating the three elements of the Food Safety Management System (FSM), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) .

halal certificationHalal

We acquired halal certification in November 2022. Given the growing domestic demand for halal food with the current increase in inbound tourists, as well as the great upheaval in trends around the world, FGROW JAPAN Co., Ltd. has been striving to develop halal products with the aim of exporting to Islamic regions.

*About halal certification:
Begun in Malaysia around 1960, it is a certification system for guaranteeing halal compliance based on inspections carried out by religious and food hygiene experts (halal certification organization).

SDGs initiativesSDGs

renewable energy
The electricity used at the company is based 100 % on renewable energy with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality. This will reduce annual CO2 emissions by 245 t.
food loss
We developed a method of extracting prawn oil and prawn stock from the heads and shells of prawns, which are normally thrown out. We will strive in our efforts to reduce food loss.
We use FSC-certified cardboard boxes.About FSC certification :
A certification mark given to wood products sourced from responsibly managed forests
WWF Japan

We became a corporate member of WWF Japan to support environmental conservation activities.

FGROW JAPAN Co., Ltd. became a corporate member of WWF Japan in January 2021, and we have been supporting the environmental conservation activities of the WWF.

We will contribute to people’s happiness through food in aiming to realize a sustainable society.